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My name is Ayoub BEN SAKHRIA I am a Pharmacist Toxicologist at the University of Algiers, I’ve had this modest idea, launching this site in collaboration with my colleagues Pharmacists Toxicologists of the University of Algiers, to share Digital resources and help to improve them.

I am also a contributor on Wikipedia, ResearchGate, and MagazineScience. I have contributed to the improvement, and translation of several articles relating to the field of Toxicology.

About the content of Analytical Toxicology

The published content on AnalyticalToxicology engages only its author, AnalyticalToxicology is designed on the principle of open contribution, published articles will be reviewed periodically and improved gradually.


Contact me by email at: [email protected]

Many resources need enrichment, improvement, and especially bibliographic specifications.

Each member publisher can modify – under the authorization of the main author – any article, and consequently contribute to its updating and to the improvement of its quality.

AnalyticalToxicology.com offers you the choice to keep “privately” and securely your articles, if you want to restrict the visibility of your content.

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