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Drugs Toxicological Analysis

Vitreous humour sampling

Direct aspiration of vitreous humour using a hypodermic syringe may yield 2–3mL of fluid per eye. The needle should be placed in the central globeandaspiratedwithgentlesuction.Preservationwithsodiumfluoride is generally recommended. The eye is located within the protective environment of the orbit and, being essentially outside the body, is remote from other tissues. Vitreous fluid is therefore a… read more »

Blood Sampling

Specimen selection, sampling, storage and stability Appropriate selection, sampling and proper storage of biological evidence are important, yet sometimes overlooked, steps in forensic toxicology. These factors, in combination with drug stability, can profoundly impact the interpretation of results and the outcome of forensic casework. Criteria surrounding each of these are presented and discussed in the… read more »